Company Profile

Company Profile

3000Immunity Pte Ltd is a Singapore pest control company that specialises in providing affordable pest control, pest prevention and pest reactive services to both residential and commercial clients in Singapore. We ensure to offer protection and solutions to every need for your premises.

We are a NEA Registered Vector Control Operator Licensed Company (VCO20210056).

Upon inspection of the premises, our qualified and trained pest control technician will propose an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program suitable as per regulatory requirements. IPM involves a combination of identifying, monitoring and control measures by using approved chemicals and/or non chemical methods. Our pest control chemicals are odourless, stainless, and safe for use for homes, food and beverage industries, medical facilities and commercial premises.

Company Profile

We make sure all pesticides used are approved by local authorities and should you require a copy of the SDS, these will be provided upon request.

In short, we offer:

  • An Integrated Pest Management Program in Singapore
  • A comprehensive service at affordable rates
  • Service only by experienced and qualified technicians
  • Application of products which are safe and best for the environment
  • Maintain and deliver on schedule as promised
  • Provide 24 hour emergency service


The following factors are important to control vectors and pest infestation in your premises. Proper preventative actions must be adhered to for good results.

1. Good Housekeeping and Sanitation Measures

To discourage vectors and pest from harbouring and gain entry to the premises.

  • Refuse bins must be covered with tight fitting lids.
  • Any garbage must be in disposal bags and secured tightly.
  • Blocked drainage / stagnant and water ponding must be cleared immediately.
  • All wooden material, pallets and carton boxes must be kept 2 feet away from the wall and raised at least 1 foot above ground.
  • All food including pet food must not be left exposed overnight.
  • Spillages of food and drinks must be cleared immediately.
  • Any debris, wood, bricks, unwanted items should be removed.
  • Maintain a dry, clean, and well-ventilated premises.

2. Vectors and Pest Proofing (Prevent Entry and Reduce Damage)

Protect and prevent your premises against vectors and pest entry through effective proofing measures:

  • Seal any small gaps / crevices on walls with fillers.
  • Install netting / screens for all doors and windows if required.
  • Repair immediately any broken window, door or damaged roof.
  • Use soil or sand to fill ground, depressions, potholes to ensure level ground.
  • Repair and seal any faulty plumbing, drainage pipes, cable and gully traps.
  • Install door seals at the base of doors to prevent entry of rodents and cockroaches.

Our Recommendation

3000Immunity offers protection and solutions for pest control in Singapore. However, to achieve successful results, we recommend our clients to practice Good Housekeeping, Sanitation and Proofing. Pest control treatment would NOT be as effective with only chemical treatment alone.