Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are not vectors but a pest that creates stress and costly to remove when highly infested. You can pick up bed bugs from anywhere such as office, gyms, hotels because these bugs hitchhike on personal belongings or even on clothes. They are bloodsucking insects that bite and cause distress. A prominent irritant hounding beds and mattresses around Singapore. Developing from an egg to adult requires approximately 5 blood meals hence they prey on us at our most vulnerable, when we sleep!

Signs include the presence of:

  1. Actual sightings of live or dead bed bugs
  2. Bed bug bites on individuals (itchy red swellings)
  3. Reddish, black, and brown stains on furniture or bed frames
  4. Blood spots on the sheets or mattress
  5. Tiny black spots, also known as ‘faecal pellets.’
  6. Peculiar, almond like smell

Commonly found in:

  1. Hotels
  2. Homes
  3. Dormitories and other lodging areas
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Our Solution

A thorough inspection is a must for investigating the infestation level. Since bedbugs can survive for many months without food, their hiding places can be any crevices or cracks on wall, furniture, windows, door frames, under mattresses, bedframes, switch sockets and/or aircon cables. These are just some of the common harbouring areas. Our approach includes the use of Residual Spraying and Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Treatment.

Method How It Works
Residual Spraying 1 This is an extremely effective treatment for most premises as it is not staining or harmful to humans and it is odourless. It will be applied thoroughly at strategic harbourage and breeding areas such as along the wall floor skirting area, cracks and crevices in the walls and infested furniture.
Ultra-Low Volume (ULV) Treatment 2 ULV treatment involves the emission of fine water-based insecticide particles that penetrate cracks and crevices. It is non-staining and has knock down effect to exterminate the pest. It also helps to control and kill the population of newly-hatched bedbug. Since there are no beg bug control methods available that can eliminate unhatched bed bug eggs, we carry out 2nd treatment approximately 2 weeks after the first treatment, when the bed bug eggs that were present during the first ULV misting treatment, might have hatched.

1 Note: We recommend that the client wash and dry all infested bed clothes and bed sheets. Mattress should also be cleaned and dried under the sun.

2 Note: During the ULV treatment, no one should be in the premise. Please ensure that all cabinets, drawers, and cupboards are left opened to improve distribution of the insecticides. Locked areas will naturally reduce the effectiveness of the treatment. Air-conditioner and ventilation units must be switched off.