Flies can be annoying and even dangerous to your health. They carry disease causing organisms from excrement and filth to spread on our food, drinking water and/or directly onto the human body. They harbour and spread diseases and bacteria such as Cholera, Gastroenteritis (Food poisoning and Diarrhoea), Salmonellosis, Dysentery and Typhoid fever by contaminating food for human consumption and passing germs when they land onto our eyes and open wounds.

The most common flies in Singapore is the Housefly, Blue-bottle fly and flesh fly. The adult flies rest on floors, walls, ceilings, tables, on plants, ground, garbage bins and other surfaces. Commonly found in markets and food centres due to the abundance of food.

Signs include the presence of:

  1. Visible flying around premises
  2. Larvae breeding at nearby drainage and gully traps
  3. Exposed leftover food

Areas that include but not limited to:

  1. Dumping grounds
  2. Refuse Bins
  3. Newly-turfed areas (due to fertilisers used)
  4. Any other places with animal carcasses, faeces or other organic matters
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Our Solution

A thorough inspection will be carried out. Upon identification of source, we will apply our approach that best fits the premises accordingly.

Method How It Works
Granular Baiting Place baits in box at strategic location such as around sinks, bins and cabinets. Flies die upon consumption of baits.
Residual Spray This is an extremely effective treatment for most premises as it is not staining or harmful to humans and it is odourless. It will be sprayed at fly resting areas.
Misting Application of a water-based mist to control flies breeding or swarming outdoors and is effective for seasonal flying insects such as ant alates.
Insect Light Traps Buy or rent Insect Light Traps. Light trap comes with glue boards that attracts and traps the flies (instead of electrocuting them), which is hygienic and allows further identification of the species.