Often known in the pest industry as the smartest of all pests, rodents have the capability to travel, hide, swim and even outsmart us at times due to their shrewd but survivalist nature. Apart from being a threat to our health and sanitation due to the myriad of diseases they harbor, they gnaw on wires and circuitry hence destroying electronic systems and machinery.

In Singapore, there are 3 common species, Norway or Sewer rat, Roof rat and House mouse. Norway rats are usually found outdoors in sewers, Roof rats are commonly found outdoor on trees and indoors in false ceilings. House mouses are normally found indoors at dark quiet places. Areas that provide water, food and shelter provide harbourage to rodents.

Signs include the presence of:

  1. Burrows (external area)
  2. Smear or rub marks on the skirtings or wall (if any)
  3. Runways and gnaw damages
  4. Droppings
  5. Urine stains
  6. Live rodents
  7. Pungent and musky odour
  8. Runways

In areas that include but not limited to:

  1. Floor Trap
  2. Sewer Pipes
  3. Wires and circuitry
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Our Solution

A thorough inspection for signs of rodent existence and infestation will be carried out. Rodent treatment varies for different premises. The traditional use of poison baits and mouse traps is no longer the most effective rodent control (however still a need for some rodent species). These poison baits when left exposed can pose a threat to children and pets. Poisoned carcasses can be another problem when it begins to rot in unreachable location as the stench of rodent carcasses are a nightmare. Upon identification of source, we will apply our approach that best fits the premises accordingly.

Method How It Works
Tracking Powder An effective approach by placing odourless powder at entry point and along traveling passageway. These powder stick onto their fur without any notice, they consume it when they lick to clean their fur.
Trapping Mechanical traps and sticky glueboard will be placed to attract and trap rodents around activity areas especially for places where baiting is not recommended. We ensure that once rodent caught, they are humanely disposed of. Various trappings and sticky boards can be used based on client needs. Such as discreet black boxes, containing a spring-activated device, traps and kill rodent instantly.
Baiting Using modern rodenticides to target outdoor rodent species such as Norway Rats that reside mainly in outdoor burrows.